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Candle Making Kit

Candle Making Kit

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Fragrance Categories

Kit Includes:

32 ounces of wax

2 fragrance bottles

8 candle tins


wick stabilizers

wick stickers 

wooden stirring stick 

warning labels

identification/top labels

pouring pitcher


2 measuring cups

candle making guide with pictures

live video tutorial 

customized playlists




Fragrance Categories:

Floral & Exotic/Gourmand:

-Peachy Rose

-Cinnamon Churro

Floral & Fresh/Fruity:

-Floral Sage

-Coconut Mango

Woodsy & Fresh/Fruity:

-Musky Oud

-Vanilla Sandalwood

Woodsy & Exotic/Gourmand:

-Teak & Oudwood

-Brown Sugar Doughnuts

* kits come as listed and fragrances cannot be switched for another. 

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