AG Room Spray
AG Room Spray
AG Room Spray
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AG Room spray is made with our signature fragrance blends, as well as FDA approved SD Alcohol, Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Bensophenone-2.

Fragrance Descriptions:

Beverly: sea kelp + jasmine + musk

Bijan: leather + cedar

Kadu: sage + linen + citrus

Ket’Win: eucalyptus + blood orange + spearmint (aromatherapy)

Mo’Ning: lavender + rosemary (aromatherapy)

NiLaAu: pineapple + mango

N’hoj: tobacco + bay + sandalwood

Ray: patchouli + fig + bergamot

Suxela: coconut + vanilla + shea

Tea’Me: lemon + green tea + mango

Windsor 3000: rose + lavender + vanilla

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